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  The Flag of Peace  


It may be of interest to mention that the scenes and songs included in this booklet are chiefly the work of Raja Jai Prithvi Bahadur Singh of Bajhang Nepal and form the first of a series of plays and songs that he proposes to give out from time to time, all dealing with the same theme. The Raja Sahib, who is the founder-president of the Humanistic Club an organization for the promotion of peace and unity, recently inaugurated a Bureau, under the auspices of the Club, to spread his ideas through Songs, Dances, Dramas, Moving Pictures and other Amusements. This little volume is the first effort in that direction. What shall follow will of course depend, to a very large extent, on the support and encouragement that may be meted out to this. It is hoped that men and women of goodwill everywhere, who realize that peace and unity are the most crying needs of the world today, will sympathize with this humble attempt to satisfy those needs, however infinitesimally.

M. Krishnamurti
Peace and Unity Propaganda Bureau
Bangalore, South India