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RAFHAJ is non-governmental, non-political, and non-profitable humanists' organization. It was established in 1995 in Kathmandu Nepal to give continuity to 'The Humanistic Club' established in 1928 at Bangalore India by Pioneer Humanist Raja Jai Prithvi Bahadur Singh (1877-1940). Its mission is to promote peace, unity, and cooperation through Humanism for the benefit to all.


RAFHAJ aims to create a New World where all the people work in a common platform irrespective of their caste, color, creed, and religion in a humanistic spirit.


The general objective is to disseminate humanistic thought among students, youths, women, and the elderly to regenerate ethical values and deepen the roots of democracy in human society.

Specific Objectives

  • To undertake research in the fields of religion, philosophy, sociology, and other areas related to human kind;
  • To study and evaluate the problems and challenges associated with the promotion of Humanism and evolve a model for its practical application;
  • To promote communal harmony among the diverse people by enkindling the spirit of humanistic feelings;
  • To analyze the humanistic ideals of Jai Prithvi and use them to promote international understanding and brotherhood;
  • To organize local, national, and international seminars on humanist culture and promote the ideas associated with Jai Prithvi and other humanists of the world;
  • To promote Humanism for peace on the basis of linkages with other social and philanthropic organizations active in the world.


  • Focus on activities in areas where human values are in decline;
  • Creation of awareness the significance of true knowledge that resists racism, irrationality, intolerance, and fundamentalism;
  • Integrated approach to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the communities through persuasive methods;
  • Establishment of Humanistic Clubs in grassroots communities to promote the values adopted by the institution.


  • Research in sociology, philosophy, and other disciplines to seek the inner truth of every aspect of human life
  • Publication of Journal 'The Humanist' which features contributions in the areas of peace, humanity, and human rights
  • Programs to promote world peace through formal and mass education
  • Training, interaction, colloquia, public lectures, talk programs, film-production, and Radio/TV programs
  • Establishment of a Resource Centre
  • Networking with organizations based on humanistic/peace philosophy
  • Targeting schools/colleges to propagate peace, unity, goodwill, and global fraternity
  • Publication of works of scholars on various aspects of Humanism.

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